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The Year of Collaboration

January 14, 2016

La Chica has decided that 2016 is the year of collaboration.  The dictionary (ie. google) defines ‘collaboration’ as working together. La Chica is collaborating with four other NGOs (non-governmental organisations – or charities) so far, and it’s not even mid January yet.  But La Chica doesn’t like to waste time!

testigo fb logo

La Chica’s charity Testigo Africa is positively changing the lives of Masai women in Tanzania. She’s very excited to collaborate with ‘One Planet Classrooms’,  a project that connects schools in developing countries with well resourced schools from contrasting cultures, and builds relationships across the globe that will empower the next generation.  A class of women from one of Testigo’s six completed villages who have been trained to grow their own vegetables and collect rainwater using permaculture principles will be provided with laptops and set up on Skype to communicate with other women’s groups elsewhere in the world.  Very exciting.

One planet

Another collaboration is with an American NGO called ‘The Outreach Project’.  Last year La Chica met the founders during one of their visits to Tanzania, and was very excited to find overlapping objectives.  They want to ensure a future of self reliance for Tanzanian women in Singida region, and one of their aims for 2016 is to research Masai women and agriculture.  La Chica is going to project manage this research for them in Masai land.


A further collaboration is with a small UK NGO called ‘Water Aid Matters’.  La Chica met the founder of this NGO many years ago in Longido village, where La Chica has her mud hut homes.  The founder is now living back in the UK and is keen to join forces with La Chica in Testigo’s permaculture project. This is not the first time that these two charities have worked together – they combined forces to ensure the completion of Longido’s water projects.

And Testigo continues to collaborate with AFAP, a partner organisation based in Sydney.  This partnership started in May 2010, and it is thanks to AFAP that Testigo was able to begin its permaculture project with a demonstration plot and training funded by Australian AID.  La Chica attended a child protection training program last year in Malawi, run by AFAP for its African based partner organisations, and La Chica is keen to see how Testigo and AFAP will continue to work together in 2016.





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