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January 7, 2016


La Chica welcomed in 2016 in Gippsland, rural Australia.  She witnessed stunning Aussie beaches, and got to hold a giant koala.  After spending nearly the entire 2015 in Tanzania, La Chica is thrilled to have time back in her home country.  As always La Chica has set new year resolutions so she can be perfect!  No one has the heart to tell her that it will take more than some resolutions, but that’s ok.  One of her resolutions is to improve her Swahili, the official language of her adopted country Tanzania.  After struggling for over 11 years talking to her bestie (Namnyak) in a mixture of English, Swahili and Masai, she’s finally decided it is time to sound older than two years old when speaking their native languages.  Thanks to Pimsleur she can be heard repeating the same Swahili phrases again and again.  One can only hope that when she returns to Tanzania next month she’ll be required to ask a man if he is from Kenya, and tell him that she wants to eat  (she’ll have to go thirsty, because she can’t get the word for ‘drink’ into her head!).

Another of La Chica’s resolutions is to blog once a week – so be ready for more regular updates again of La Chica’s adventures in Oz and in Masai land in print or on radio.  La Chica has one radio interview under her belt already this new year, and will no doubt speak again soon (can’t shut La Chica up!).  You can listen to her radio interview here

2015 was a great year for Testigo, with another two villages trained in permaculture.  Over 100 women and men in each village were trained over an eight month period to grow vegetables for the first time.  The villages, Olchurai and Loiborsoit ‘A’ excelled in their enthusiasm and hard work, and La Chica is very pleased that when she returns to Tanzania she’ll be starting the seventh village for Testigo Africa’s permaculture project.


Last month La Chica graduated with a Masters degree – a Master of Commerce in Social Investment and Philanthropy – so now she’s allowed to run Testigo Africa, the charity she founded (and has been running) for about seven years now!  Ok, so not having the degree didn’t stop La Chica, but now she’s excited by all additional knowledge she can bring to her work with the Masai.  Yay!




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