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What a ditch!

November 26, 2012

La Chica and Testigo Africa’s country manager Emanuel worked with the local Longido Masai men under the direction of Khatib Hassan, the Orkiprei water project’s water engineer, to dig 5kms of ditches and lay the water pipes connecting the newly built 50,000 litre water tank to the local primary school and Montessori pre-school in Oltapesi.  La Chica purchased the black plastic pipes in Arusha and had them transported 77kms to Longido.  Local Masai warriors dug the ditches and helped lay and connect the pipes. La Chica was impressed with the energy and brawn displayed by the young men!

Black plastic pipes ready to be laid, with Emanuel and Sokoine

Masai warrior brawn!

Men watching other men work – happens all over the world!

Are we nearly there? How much longer?

Unwinding and laying the pipes

Keep going…

Our water engineer joining the pipes

What? All that work digging the ditches and now we’re filling them in?!


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