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Permaculture project underway!

November 26, 2012

La Chica is so very excited that Testigo Africa has commenced a permaculture project in Longido village!  With a grant from AusAID, Testigo Africa has secured an excellent trainer – Sommy has eight years experience in agriculture projects including preparing permaculture demonstration plots and training communities. He has also been involved in building hafias – or household dams – typically 1.5 metres by 10 metres, to collect rainwater.  He is also a qualified vet with eight years experience in this area, which has encompassed teaching communities about chicken production. He previously worked for GSC – Global Service Corps – a US charity working with farmers.  Emanuel, Testigo’s country manager, is project managing the initiative, and has sent La Chica hundreds of photos of the first few weeks of training.  Watch this space!

Sommy our permaculture trainer

Sommy sketching the design of a keyhole garden

One of the household dams for rainwater harvesting

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  1. Excellent news, you are really contributing to long term change!

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