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Orkiprei water project done! WASH training done!

November 26, 2012

La Chica’s family and friends attended the project opening in June

La Chica at the project opening

Jumping for the joy of accessing water!

Celebrating the Masai way – with meat

One of the many meetings to make the project happen

La Chica is thrilled that the second water project undertaken by Testigo Africa is done!  With the official project opening in June, and the WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene)  training completed in November, the residents of Oltapesi sub-village and Longido village are reaping the benefits of their new water supply.  The project connected an existing borehole to a new 50,000 litre tank and a three km pipeline to Oltapesi primary school and a 2km pipeline to Oltapesi Montessori preschool, providing outlets for local inhabitants living within a 40km radius.  No longer do the women and girls have to walk up to four hours to access water, nor sleep overnight at distant water sources waiting their turn.

68 Masai residents of Oltapesi attended a three day training course run by Mika, a community water trainer.  They learnt about the dangers of poor hygiene and sanitation; how to avoid water borne diseases including malaria; and participated in hands on activities.

La Chica wants to thank David Morawetz for his generous grant and all the amazing people who have donated to Testigo Africa either individually or through fundraisers or their community groups – you’ve enabled a village to step up from extreme poverty and water deprivation to embrace a positive future.  La Chica is going to blog more about the different components of the water project, read on!

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