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La Chica has got herself hitched!

September 27, 2012

Although the ultimate girl about town, La Chica’s dazzling social life played out among the mud huts of Longido and dusty roads of Arusha lacked the presence of a man. Imagine La Chica’s delight when El Chico offered her company on the roller coaster ride called life. La Chica is delighted that El Chico is such a hunk of a spunk, and has been seen with him in Arusha, Longido, Nairobi, Ngorongoro, Serengeti, Tarangire, Manyara, Zanzibar, Dar… and everywhere else she can coerce him to go. La Chica’s parents and sister came over to witness the miracle of La Chica getting married, with La Chica’s Dad ensuring she was properly (and finally) handed over to El Chico and his family. Champagne anyone?

La Chica and her beau get married!

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  1. Greg permalink

    Great dress.

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