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La Chica has Wheels!

August 2, 2012

After 7 years of squeezing herself into crowded dalla dallas, fighting for window seats in buses, and holding on tight while perched on the back of traffic dodging motor bikes, La Chica has finally got her own private vehicle. El Chico went to Zanzibar and returned with ‘Old Red’, La Chica’s elderly Red Toyota Hilux Surf. A little like La Chica, it ain’t no spring chicken but it’s still going strong! Los Chicos drove Old Red from Dar to Arusha, covering a distance of 700kms, dodging potholes and wild animals, and trying to dodge Tanzanian policemen looking to line their pockets. So far Old Red has taken 14 Masai (at one time) on bumpy drives in Longido, checking out Testigo’s water project and following the paths of the pipelines. Not quite the Leyland Brothers, La Chica and Old Red are best mates and have become a regular feature around Arusha town.

Old Red

La Chica with Old Red

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