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La Chica in the Mist

October 2, 2011

La Chica came up close and personal with a lovely Gorilla family called Agashya, headed by a silverback called Mr Special. He was named Mr Special because unlike the usual gorilla response to taking on new wives, he didn’t kill their existing offspring. The Agashya family live in the Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda, near the town of Kinigi. La Chica was delighted to have an hour with these beautiful animals, including a three day old baby who had yet to grow his black furry covering. La Chica was in the Park with her brother and his mate. There are 16 gorilla families in the park – seven of them are visited by tourists, nine families are reserved purely for research. A maximum of eight tourists per group, at US$500 per person bringing in daily revenue of US$28,000 (not surprisingly Rwanda’s premier tourist attraction).

However Rwanda isn’t just about gorillas. La Chica visited the Genocide Memorial in Kigali – a very sobering and sad reminder not just of the Rwandan genocide but the other atrocities worldwide. La Chica is currently sitting on the shores of Lake Kivu, reminding her of the Italian Lakes. Yesterday she ventured onto the lake by boat visiting a small island full of fruit bats (managing to avoid being targetted by their green poo), The volcanic lake is over 500 metres deep and releases deadly gases – swimmers beware!

La Chica is leaving Rwanda today, bringing her travelling companions to Tanzania to visit her Masai family and friends – she can’t wait!

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