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La Chica’s Big Event Coming of Age

June 2, 2011

La Chica is still reeling from the recent Water is Life fundraising evening – what a night!  La Chica donned her glad rags and had an absolute ball, sharing her passion for the Masai and her determination to enable their water project.  With her army of helpers, including her Monash and Melbourne Uni volunteers (Richard, Rick, Laura, Darren and Jenny), her mates Sandra, Tracey R, and Nic, her charity committee including Rae and Alli, they threw open the doors at 7pm to welcome Testigo’s guests for the night.  Emma Leak greeted guests while walking around the St Kilda Memo venue on stilts.  George Kastoun captured some great moments on his Sony Z5, and Simon Berdell Cicak on La Chica’s brothers Sony Z7, while Edwin Escobar was the lovely paparazzi for the night – ensuring that each guest had the opportunity of a Kodak moment with Mbapani, the special guest Masai warrior and La Chica’s new best friend. Thanks to Open Channel and their Managing Director Daniel Marks (ably assisted by Zoe), a HUGE screen and projector set up meant that La Chica was able to screen a 12 minute documentary edited by Ed Luecke, who has bravely agreed to write and edit La Chica’s entire full length documentary!

The stage show began at 7.30pm, with Simon Rogers, MC for the night, engaging the punters.  Andrew Goodone amused everyone with a stand up routine, and Marilla Homes proved to everyone that she’s got talent when she harmonised to everyone’s humming and got the room buzzing.  Mzuri Dance brought a burst of energy to the evening with their drumming and dance routine, and their successful audience participation approach.  Tracey Roberts sang Magic Wand with a gorgeous slide show of Masai portraits playing in the background, and Riley Jordan strummed her guitar to some great songs.  A highlight of the night was Mbapani Ngitoria – a Masai warrior from Tanzania.  He stood on stage and from his heart shared his story of death and survival with everyone.   An auction led by Tony Pride closed the night, with the event raising $8,200 towards Longido’s water project.  On behalf of her Masai mates, La Chica wants to thank everyone who helped with the event, and those that came along to support Testigo Africa.

St Kilda Memo event - La Chica with Mbapani and Judith

Water is Life promo in Port Phillip Leader

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