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Losing her big event virginity!

May 16, 2011

La Chica has been thrown in the deep end.  After organising the silent auction for the Burrinja event, with her friend Christie organising the venue, performers and doing all the hard work, it’s now La Chica’s turn to do the organising.  Not one to shy away from a challenge, she has decided that ‘in for a penny in for a pound’ is her new approach to events, so she has accepted the challenge of organising all aspects of an event at St Kilda Memo for 400 people! Losing her big event virginity has been a long slow process but definitely worth it….:)  La Chica is very excited that miraculously the event has been coming together well.  She’s pulled together an amazing group of performers, and has secured top support people on the night.  To be sure that the great event is being witnessed, Edwin Escobar, a wonderful photographer from Urban Life Photography is going to take photos of La Chica (and, she supposes, of other people as well).  George Kastoun, a multitalented big event organiser and DOP (director of photography) is bringing his Sony Z5 to capture the evening on video.  Claire Hamilton will be using her talents to ensure the event is a slick and seamless night of entertainment and enjoyment (after all, why shouldn’t everyone enjoy themselves while making such a big difference to the Masai?).  And the performers?  La Chica will be putting on her glad rags and presenting the short documentary that her wonderful editor Ed Luecke has made.  Her Masai friend Mbapani will join her on stage and talk about life in his amazing tribe.  Simon Rogers, one of Melbourne’s best known comedians, and an MC extraordinaire with over 3,000 events under his belt, will be hosting the night.  Simon is also an ABC radio presenter – and he first met La Chica at 5am one morning on live radio – now he’s been pulled in to be part of the big event!  Simon’s mate Andrew Goodone is going to make us laugh, and Mzuri dance company are ready to get everyone up off their seats with some high energy African drumming and dancing.  Emma Leak will be greeting guests from great heights – on stilts!  Tracey Roberts is singing a beautiful song about Africa and Australia.  Riley Jordan is going to introduce a unique audiovisual creation with her harmonising with Masai vocals, and Marilla Homes is going to show us why the VSO (Victorian State Opera) think she’s worth it. It’s not too late – Monday 30 May 2011.  La Chica is directing everyone to the Testigo Africa website for more information  Come along and witness La Chica come of age.

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