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Zumba fundraiser

April 23, 2011

La Chica and 37 other family members and friends sweated their way through an hour of Zumba to raise money for the Masai of Longido village.  La Chica was wearing the brand new Testigo Africa tshirt, setting a trend that is predicted to take over Australia.  Leanne Budge, the Queen of Zumba, led the class and got all the class attendees shaking their booty in time with the Latin rhythms.  The youngest in the class was 9 (La Chica’s niece),  the oldest 72 (La Chica’s Mum), and the most exotic was Zac Mollel, a Masai warrior who made a surprise guest appearance.  Zac, from a tiny Masai village in North West Tanzania, was visiting La Chica for a week – his first visit to Melbourne.

Anyone for Zumba?

Zac, Leanne Budge and La Chica

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  1. I am planning a zumba fundraiser of my own and I have a few questions about yours. Can someone please email me if you can help?

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