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La Chica talks on the radio again…and again…and again

April 23, 2011

Ann Creber, the lovely interviewer from Spectrum FM radio, decided that once wasn’t enough, and interviewed La Chica for a second time.  Little did she realise when setting the date and time for the interview that La Chica would bring a real life Masai warrior to the studio to participate in the interview.  Imagine Ann’s surprise when Zac turned up in the Emerald studio dressed in his traditional attire!  John Weeks and Ann interviewed La Chica and Zac, exploring Zac’s impressions of Melbourne, and promoting the Zumba class fundraiser held later in the day.

Tahnee Woolf interviewed La Chica for 45 minutes on Tahnee Talk.  La Chica talked about her life, and how Testigo Africa started – you can listen to her interview on the Testigo Africa website media section.

Thanks to Ann’s referral, La Chica hit the big time and was interviewed on ABC Radio!  La Chica feels that this entitles her to upgrade from L plates to P plates.  Simon Rogers interviewed La Chica at 5.10am.  La Chica had a restless night, checking every half hour or so that she hadn’t slept through her alarm and missed her chance to share her Testigo Africa project with national listeners.  Although La Chica was wondering if there would be anyone listening at that hour – after all, surely the insomniacs of Australia had finally fallen asleep, and the tradies yet to wake up…?

Ann Creber with Zac at the Spectrum Radio studio in Emerald

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