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Head down, bum up..

February 13, 2011

La Chica has been in hibernation.  Her usual girl-about-town antics have been placed on the back burner as she knuckles down to the task of raising money.  It was a great start to 2011 for La Chica to receive A$500 from her mate Pauline, US$1000 from Bill, her Argentinian supporter and friend, and A$1000 from her Mum and Dad, this follows many smaller donations in 2010 and a whopping $2000 from La Chica’s new best friend Michael.   With the help of her many Monash University student volunteers over $3000 was raised from selling the Testigo Africa calendars featuring photos by Laura Morgan and designed by Alli Spoor.  And it doesn’t stop there!  This year La Chica has changed her mantra from ‘I don’t do events’ to ‘I am the Events Queen!’  As a result three events are coming up – a chance for La Chica to put on her glad rags and be seen for the first time in 2011.  La Chica will soon be moving her hips to the salsa beat in a fundraising Zumba class led by Zumba Queen Leanne Budge.  Then she’ll be singing along with the musicians who’ve volunteered their time and energy to perform at the Burrinja Cafe in Upwey.  And in May she’ll be showcasing her documentary footage and event organisation skills to carry off the society event of the decade in St Kilda’s Memorial Hall.  In the meantime, it’s been all about head down bum up for La Chica.  She’s overseeing the development of a contacts database so she can start spreading the news.  She’s delighted to witness the development of cool marketing collateral for the youth market and corporate collateral for the rest of us.  She’s networking with anyone who’ll give her their time to source assistance for running the events and she’s looking for new volunteers to help with grant applications.

La Chica knows that all work and no play makes her a dull girl, so she took some time out to be seen at the Australian Open.  She was spotted on five different days gracing Margaret Court Arena and the neighbouring courts, accompanied by her tennis playing Mum and playing with her new Apple iPhone 4 (pity she didn’t appear to know how it works, but naturally with La Chica keeping up appearances is a far more important accomplishment than being able to sort out how to use the technology let alone download some useful apps).

La Chica is soon to star on Channel 31 on ISEA TV’s show – stay tuned.

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