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Guests at La Chica’s boma

January 5, 2011

La Chica was so excited to have guest mud huts that she invited all and sundry to come and visit!  Her first guests were Kiwis Andy and Nico.  The following weekend La Chica’s Aussie friend Dianne came to stay with her Kenyan work colleague Johnston.  Dianne brought a pack of playing cards which La Chica and her Masai friends loved playing.  It took a little while to explain the picture cards and different suits, but after a few games Namnyak’s brother Kashango understood enough to cheat perfectly!  Dianne, Johnston and Kashango went on a walking safari – they literally left La Chica’s boma and walked into the bush – and were delighted to find a herd of giraffes which they then followed for a few hours, probably to the annoyance of the giraffes themselves!  Her final guests were volunteers from Food Water Shelter in nearby Arusha.  Hannah first met La Chica over a year ago at the Arusha Volunteers Network drinks at Via Via, and she had previously visited Longido.  La Chica has a guestbook and wants it filled with guest comments – now, where to find more guests?

La Chica following the giraffes

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