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Welcome Lecoole and Doyipo!

November 11, 2010

There is a new addition to the boma!  Nongipa, Olengunin’s second wife, went into labour on Saturday night.  When La Chica returned to Longido on Tuesday morning she arrived to find a two day old boy in the boma – named Lecoole after a Tanzanian MP following his reelection this week.  Nongipa, in line with Masai tradition, had eaten sparingly during her pregnancy to keep her foetus’s size in check to help with an easy birth.  This seemed to work, as her labour was over within an hour!  Nongipa is required to stay inside her hut during daylight hours for a month, and is being looked after by Nosim, Olengunin’s mother, and Namnyak, Olengunin’s first wife.  La Chica is a regular visitor, marvelling over the size of Lecoole.  

La Chica attended a ceremony on Tuesday afternoon to celebrate Lecoole’s birth.  Masai men and women arrived from all over, paying their respects to Lecoole by spitting in his face.  A goat was slaughtered, and La Chica was most relieved to be told that Nadune Engiok and Alakra were not in the pot covered in rice!

Meanwhile at Olengunin’s father’s boma, Olemarle had his 23rd child.  Doyipo was born nearly three months ago to Naisho, the third wife.  When La Chica left seven months ago, she had no idea Naisho was pregnant.  It seems that the Masai do not talk about or acknowledge pregnancy until a healthy baby is born.  La Chica was handed Doyipo and sat with him in the smoke filled hut, teaching him to count to ten in English (it’s never too early to start).  Doyipo showed his appreciation by relieving himself on La Chica – the Masai don’t use nappies, so La Chica had the pleasure of realising what had happened only after her lap suddenly felt rather warm and wet!

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