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Tripple Yikes!

November 11, 2010

Spiders come in threes – or at least that is what La Chica is hoping!  After her experience with HUGE spider, La Chica encountered MEDIUM spider sitting on her pillow waiting for her to come to bed.  She took off her shoe, intending to give MEDIUM spider a headache, but he ran away.  The ever patient Namnyak and Olengunin were called to lift her mattress and remake her bed, shaking out pillows and sheets.  Needless to say MEDIUM spider managed to escape and La Chica decided that from then on she would keep her bed protected by a mosquito net 24/7 rather than tie it up during the day.  A few days later as La Chica prepared for bed she found ENORMOUS spider waiting for her.  ENORMOUS spider made HUGE spider look anorexic, with his large body and hairy legs. This time Sokoine was called to rescue La Chica.  As she wouldn’t enter the hut, Sokoine used his torch to find ENORMOUS spider, and proceeded to hit it with stick.  Much to La Chica’s horror ENORMOUS spider ran in a gap between the wall and roof, and Sokoine ran outside with his stick, miraculously managing to find ENORMOUS spider and killing it – this time La Chica decided to look at the dead spider to be sure it was really out of her life permanently.  The African bush, not content with educating La Chica with regards to spiders, dished up a scorpion.  Fortunately La Chica had asked Olengunin to do the compulsory spider search before entering her toilet mud hut, and they had spotted the scorpion with it’s c-shaped tail and sting raised.  Olengunin crushed it with his shoe.  La Chica decided to turn a blind eye to the MASSIVE cockroaches scuppering around the toilet, after all, she had had enough trauma to last her for quite a while!

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