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October 31, 2010

Those that know La Chica well will know that La Chica is not fond of spiders, especially big ones!  So imagine La Chica’s delight when she was preparing to go to bed in her mud hut, tucking the white mosquito net into the edges of the bed, to look up at her window to the sky where she usually enjoys looking at the sun, stars and moon, to find a HUGE spider spreadeagled next to the skylight.  La Chica ran out of her hut, torch in hand, into Namnyak’s boma, thankful to find that Olengunin and Namnyak were still awake.  She explained that there was a HUGE spider in her hut, and they responded appropriately, asking Namnyak’s brother Kashango to accompany La Chica back to her hut to kill the offending HUGE spider.  La Chica waited outside the hut, not willing to witness the strong brave Masai man killing the spider, and not willing to look at the remains that Olengunin offered to show her to prove it was no longer a threat.  However La Chica then had to decide whether or not to trust that the HUGE spider was in fact dead, rather than it had escaped Kashango’s sandle and run away!  Eventually, La Chica agreed to enter her hut to sleep on the proviso that Namnyak stay the night with her and protect her from the HUGE spider’s reemergence, or worse, from another spider appearing.  Needless to say La Chica had a fitful night’s sleep!

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