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La Chica’s student life revisited…

September 21, 2010

La Chica graduated from Monash University a long long time ago, but she felt like a student again when she drove into Monash University to see the old Ming Wing (Menzies Building) where she’d slept…oops…sat through her economics and accounting lectures, the law building where she’d sat through her law lectures and the good old union building where she’d guiltily sneak breaks centred around coffee and custard tarts. 

La Chica was back at her old Uni to attend the Monash University Volunteering Fair.  She womanned a stand for Testigo Africa – one of over 30 stands all competing to find student volunteers.  Imagine La Chica’s delight to encounter 41 students putting up their hands to help with her project!  Her NBFs (new best friends) include future lawyers, accountants, economists, PR consultants, marketers, engineers, nurses, social workers, community development workers and even an aerospace engineer.  La Chica told them her story, how Testigo Africa first started with a brief chat with Lesaloy, her subsequent friendship with Namnyak and her decision to step into her new role as fashion adviser to the Masai, with a sideline of bringing running water to Longido village.  Watch this space to see how La Chica and her army of students faciliate extraordinary improvements in the lives of the Masai inhabitants of Longido.

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