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What do Radio Adelaide, Eastern FM, 3MDR and 3WBC all have in common?

August 30, 2010

La Chica has been interviewed on radio four times in nine days!  In a flurry of media activity, La Chica has been spreading the word about her Testigo Africa project.  Having lost her radio virginity in Adelaide with the wonderful interviewer David Boyd on his International Links program, she then ventured out to Croydon to Eastern FM 98.1 where Peter O’Brien encouraged her to reveal her real identity to his listening audience.  A few days later La Chica had a lovely chat with Iain Messer in his Messeround segment on 3WBC 94.1 FM.  Her fourth radio interview was with Ann Creber on The Good Life program on 3MDR 97.1 FM where she talked to Ann on the phone and soon forgot she was on live radio.  The four radio interviews will be uploaded on the Testigo Africa website, so if you missed hearing La Chica’s broadcasts, or if you would like to hear them again (!), go to the ‘media’ section of

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