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Friends in High Places

June 11, 2010

Girl about town La Chica appears to have friends in high places.  Last week one of Australia’s most well known adventurers, entrepreneurs and philanthropists –  Dick Smith – made a very generous donation to Testigo Africa!  La Chica is delighted!

She’s been busy talking to all and sundry about her project, including presenting to the Girl Guides, to over 100 women at a scrap booking day, to friends and relatives at morning teas organised by her biggest ambassador (her mum!), and being interviewed by SKA TV for Channel 31 in Melbourne.  She’s also met with fellow members of her not-for-profit incorporated association Testigo Projects, managing a record breaking 3 1/2 hours of discussions over pots of tea and ribbon sandwiches.

Although La Chica would be happy to never work again in her life (she doesn’t count Testigo Africa as work, because she enjoys it too much!), she’s decided that some pocket money would be useful to pay for her regular coffee and cake meetings (after all, a meeting is not a meeting without a latte or two).  La Chica has secured herself a part-time job for a few months project managing the making of a short film for the Eastern Community Legal Centre.  Seems that at last La Chica is combining her roles as a lawyer and a filmmaker.

Not content to keep the project Melbourne focussed, La Chica is flying to Sydney to inflict her passion on the people there.  Bon voyage La Chica!

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