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La Chica in Melbourne

May 25, 2010

La Chica has temporarily settled back into life in Melbourne, living again with her long-suffering parents!   La Chica has been giving slide show talks about her water project to anyone who’ll listen.  Her first engagement was the Mitcham Mothers Union in a local church hall.   Since then she’s attended a Psychic Fair fundraiser to talk about the duality of her journey – the contrast between her Western life in Armani suits mingling with fellow lawyers, and her African life in cargo pants mingling with the Masai, and shared her story at an Inspiring Beautiful Women meeting.

La Chica has been doing what she does best – talking and networking!  La Chica has ventured into the city on Connex to meet with interesting people at Australian Innovation, the Tanzanian Consulate, Austrade and Social Ventures Australia.

Back in Longido, La Chica’s boma is growing!  An excited Namnyak rang La Chica to tell her that two guest huts have been built in her absence, and work is starting on the dining hut that will have open sides so that La Chica can sit, eat, read and drink G and Ts in full view of the beautiful surrounding scenery.  Namnyak also told La Chica that her baby goat Alakra is growing big – La Chica is relieved that Alakra has so far managed to avoid Longido’s weekly BBQ day and is still alive and kicking!

Lessinga, the 69-year-old uncle of Olengunin, is landscaping la Chica’s boma.  Lessinga went to a Christian school in the 1950’s and speaks perfect English.  A few years ago he did a course on landscaping, paid for by his then employer, a Scottish entrepreneur with many interests in Tanzania.  Now La Chica is enjoying his expertise and is excited that her boma will be the first home in Longido to be landscaped!  Lessinga rang La Chica last week to ask if he could buy a truckload of soil to even out her land.  This is in addition to the two truckloads of stones that Lessinga is using to build small dividing walls to create a tiered rock garden.  La Chica is hoping to have lots of visitors to Longido over the next few years, and is issuing an open invitation for anyone interested in a true Masai experience to come and stay in the guest mud huts and experience Namnyak’s cooking – Karibu (welcome)!

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