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La Chica or The Sheila?

April 18, 2010

La Chica is back in the country of her birth – Australia.  She woke early on the Wednesday morning, so early that Namnyak hadn’t even started milking the cows.  She had already secured a bucket of water in her bathroom mud hut, so she wandered across from her main hut and had an invigorating hair wash and bath with cold water.  By the time she had finished Namnyak called out ‘Good Morning Tracey, Karibu Chai’.  A thermos of freshly made Masai tea waited for La Chica!  She finished packing, Namnyak loaded her bags into Olengunin’s pick up truck and on dirt roads in a cloud of dust he drove her through Longido to the main Nairobi-Arusha road.  They got a dalla dalla (local mini bus) to Namanga, the border town, where La Chica bid farewell to Tanzania and hello to Kenya.  A big hug later, she also bid farewell to Olengunin and sat in the front seat of a shared taxi for 2 1/2 hours to Nairobi’s Jomo Kenyatta airport.  A quick 4 1/2 hour Qatar Airways flight took her to Doha where she had to fill in 5 hours.  La Chica was appalled to finish the only novel she had brought with her, so she people watched with matchsticks holding her eye lids open.  She also indulged in a decaf latte and Arab honey cake – because she could!  Although she had intended to sleep on the flight from Doha to Australia, La Chica was so excited by the prospect of watching movies for the first time in months that she stayed awake to see blue people in Avatar and vampire people in New Moon – a nice contrast to Masai people in Longido.

La Chica was met at Melbourne Airport by her sister, brother in law and two youngest nieces holding welcome back signs.  Her youngest niece Keely had already bagged La Chica for the night.  She’d sent La Chica the following email:

Aunty Tracey,
I am going to come to pick you up from the airport on the 8th of April.
I was just wondering if you wanted to come and stay at our house for the

Here are somethings you can choose out of.

   1. Sleep at Oma's house.
   2. Sleep in a hotel.
   3. Sleep in the car.
   4. Sleep in the dungeon.
   5. Sleep outside.
   6. Sleep in the music room with me.

 Love Lossy Long Legs

p.s. you can ONLY CHOOSE OPTION 6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

La Chica wisely chose option 6…

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