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Birth Announcement

April 6, 2010

La Chica is thrilled to announce the arrival of Alakra, her first baby goat.  Alakra was born on Easter Sunday, 4 April, the fifth child of Nadune Engiok, and a new sister for her goat siblings.  Nadune Engiok has previously had twins (boy and girl), and two other daughters.  Alakra is the Masai word for ‘star’. 

Alakra was born out in the African bush, and arrived back in the boma on wobbly legs.  In the past three days 11 goats have been born in the boma – one set of twins (boy and girl), eight boys and Alakra.  La Chica was very lucky to witness two of the births – one facilitated by Olengunin, the other by Nongipa and Namnyak. 

La Chica has made it very clear to Olengunin and Namnyak that Alakra is not to have an ear chopped off like her mother, and that her distinct and natural markings are sufficient to identify her from a crowd of goats (she is white with brown patches above one eye and on both knees).  La Chica has also been adamant that Alakra is not to be eaten!  There is to be no grilled Alakra on BBQ day in Longido.  Instead, La Chica is hoping that in eight or nine months time when Alakra is old enough to conceive, she’ll have babies for La Chica!

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