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Winding Up

March 28, 2010

La Chica has been in Tanzania nearly five months, and is getting ready to return to Australia for some serious fund raising.  She will arrive in Melbourne on 8 April, and has trips planned to Sydney and Adelaide to raise awareness of Testigo Africa and the water project.

She now has concrete floors in her mud hut, and is bringing all her belongings together in Longido (having collected them from Brad’s house, Mir’s house and Namnyak’s old boma).  On Good Friday and Easter Saturday La Chica and Simon, the water engineer, will undertake the topography survey which will allow Simon to do a detailed technical report and costings so that La Chica knows exactly how much money she needs to raise and what the money will specifically cover.

La Chica attended the Arusha Volunteers Network monthly gathering last night at Via Via to bid farewell to her fellow expatriates, mainly Australians volunteering at St Judes School, Edmond Rice School and Food Water Shelter.  La Chica enjoyed a cold ‘Kili’ beer, in anticipation of only warm beers in Longido.  Quite bizarrely, in Arusha patrons can choose to have warm or cold beer – hello?!  La Chica, being 100% Australian born and bred, cannot understand why anyone would choose a warm beer!  Following her volunteers catch up La Chica went with her friends Mir, Fatma and their daughter Meliha to a birthday party at their friends apartment.  La Chica enjoyed the wonderful Indian food and indulged in two large pieces of birthday cake. 

La Chica is now on her way back to Longido with lots of bags, and is looking forward to checking in on Nadune Engiok who by now must be about ready to give birth to La Chica’s first ever baby goat!  La Chica is also planning to move into her mud hut – at last – for her final week in Tanzania.  She has the skylight of her dreams – directly above her bed – so she can look at the alapa (Masai for moon) and alakra (stars) before she goes to sleep.  Sweet dreams La Chica!

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