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Naduno Engiok the mbusi, Moja the kuku and Nasaro

March 16, 2010

Today La Chica’s best Masai friend Namnyak gave La Chica a wonderful gift – a goat (mbusi in Swahili)!  The goat is called Naduno Engiok, which means ‘cut ear’.  She is missing most of her left ear.  When La Chica asked Namnyak why, she was told that it was an identification cut – so that if the goat went walkabout everyone would recognise it as belonging to Namnyak.  La Chica would have preferred the more usua hot ironl branding, but now she can’t decide if she should chop off the other ear so everyone will know that the goat now belongs to La Chica and not Namnyak.  Naduno Engiok is quite pregnant, due to give birth in around 10 days.  La Chica is very excited as this will be the first baby goat she has raised (in fact, the first animal she has ever been responsible for).  La Chica can’t wait to find out if she has a baby girl goat or a baby boy goat.  She’s hoping it will be white like it’s mother – La Chica isn’t sure who the father is although she’s sure that Naduno Engiok wouldn’t just sleep with any old goat!

Namnyak also told La Chica that when Moja is a little older she’ll come back to Namnyak’s boma and can be La Chica’s chicken.  That’s good news for La Chica, who is a vegetarian and likes the idea of adding eggs to her diet.  Only the other day she came back to the boma from a trip to Longido town to find that one of Namnyak’s hens had left an egg on her bed!  La Chica claimed ownership, and let Namnyak use the egg to make chapatis with the egg just for La Chica’s consumption.  Bon apetit!

Olengunin and Namnyak decided it was time for La Chica to have a Masai name, and have christened her Nasaro. It is taking a while for La Chica to get used to her new name, and sometimes she only responds when Namnyak keeps calling her name and finally comes right up to La Chica calling her Nasaro then she realises ‘oh, you’re calling me?!  La Chica is hoping to move into her new hut within the next week, and is planning a hut warming party at which Olengunin and Namnyak will announce La Chica’s new name.  Let’s hope by then she learns to respond to it!

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