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La Chica and half a dozen morani

March 10, 2010

La Chica was delighted to return to her boma after a week in Arusha to find six young morani dressed in their finest looking like exotic peacocks strutting outside her home.  They had painted their faces with red ochre, and wore the beaded cuff style bracelets, anklets and a body necklace.  They walked around with a long stick with a ‘wig’ of ostrich feathers at the top.  Olengunin explained to La Chica that they boys were hoping to have their circumcision ceremonies shortly, and were visiting different bomas to try to raise some money to pay for the compulsory food and sodas which accompany every Masai ceremony.  They took it in turns to pass around a small hand mirror, and spent a great deal of time admiring their faces from every possible angle.  Using their foot long pangas (knives) they each worked on some tin to fabric a head band which would be worn for the celebrations. La Chica took some photos and immediately was surrounded by the Morani wanting to see the small images of themselves.  She has since had prints made of the photos so they’ll have permanent reminders of their visit to her boma.  But she hasn’t quite worked out how to explain that when she’s filming video they can’t come and look at themselves on the small screen!

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