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Moja the Kuku (Kuku = chicken in Masai)

February 12, 2010

Namnyak presented La Chica with a cardboard box and four newly hatched chickens rescued from a  mother  who had tried to peck them  to death.  La Chica helped to look after them, acting as mother hen when they wanted to stay warm and covered up.   However over the space of a couple of weeks only one remains.  One of the chicks accidentally fell into the fire and was cremated.  Another chick was taken by a bird of prey, and Namnyak accidentally stood on one of the chicks.  La Chica named the surviving chick ‘Moja’, which is Swahili for ‘one’.  So now everyone in the boma knows the surviving kuku as Moja.  La Chica is hoping he lives a long life, unlike his siblings!

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