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Milking the cows

February 12, 2010

La Chica decided it was time to roll up her sleeves and fully immerse herself in the rural life of a Masai boma.  She told Namnyak she wanted to learn how to milk the cows.  A few hours later the cattle returned to the boma after a day of grazing and Namnyak handed La Chica a plastic jug.  La Chica had been feeling confident about acquiring new milking skills until her Masai builder Oleborlala heard about her intention and teased her by imitating a cow kicking and then head butting with its horns.  La Chica stood a foot away from the waiting cow, and could go no further.  Fear of being kicked, flicked in the face with a tail, or head butted by the other cows was too much for her.  La Chica decided it was not the right time to face her fear and do it anyway – she retreated and gave Namnyak the empty jug!  She’s contemplating practicing her milking skills on the less scary goats, however the grumpy bulls in the boma scare La Chica so much we doubt she’ll ever choose to venture close to a cow!

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  1. Brian & Debbie permalink

    Hi, we have enjoyed reading your blog. Brian played bowls today against your mum. She reminded Brian to check out your blog. Keep up the good work. We will catch up with you when you are back home in a few months time.

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