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Masai Working Bee

February 12, 2010

La Chica and her Masai best friend Namnyak got tired of the slow progress on La Chica’s hut so they organized a working bee! La Chica bought rice and red beans, a crate of sodas and sugar for tea, and Namnyak asked her friends to come along to Engang Nabor for a working bee. 16 men and four women turned up to volunteer to help build La Chica’s hut. They created huge mud pies and slapped them on the stick walls of La Chica’s traditional Masai hut until the entire internal and external walls had been completed. Namnyak , Nakai and La Chica prepared lunch, and La Chica wandered around with china cups and thermoses of sweet milky chai for the workers.

La Chica spent a couple of dollars on a local brew for the men, and found to her delight that the alcohol released their inhibitions and soon they were singing and grunting their traditional Masai songs. In honour of Namnyak’s new boma, they also did a small ceremony using green leaves and a gourd full of sour milk, taking mouthfuls and spraying it on the inside and outside walls of Namnyak’s boma while chanting blessings. La Chica is not sure she wants a similar ceremony for her hut, as the smell of sour milk is definitely an acquired taste!

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