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Mbu – Mosquito

January 27, 2010

La Chica returned to Longido to find that her Masai builder, Oleborlala, has malaria.  On the day La Chica arrived back Namnyak’s mother also arrived in Longido from her village of Mudarara, also with malaria. La Chica is fine, and determined not to succumb to the same disease. 

La Chica recently ordered a book about the Masai, their language and culture.  She spent yesterday afternoon with Steven, a 68 year old Masai, and one of Olengunin’s many uncles.  Steven was educated in the 50’s and speaks perfect English, Masai and Swahali.  La Chica and Steven spent hours together reading La Chica’s new book, which was written in 1909 in both Masai and English, and captures perfectly the Masai culture at that time including their stories, proverbs, customs, natural medicine and language. 

Today La Chica is moving to Namnyak’s new boma, next door to Engang Nabor.  She’s not sure where she’ll fit into the new tiny Masai hut, but she’d rather be with her friend than sleeping alone at the old boma. One thing La Chica knows for sure is that she’ll be using mosquito repellent!

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  1. Fingers crossed you don’t contract malaria… I hope Namnyak’s mother is recovering? Have you any pictures of your hut in progress, I’m dying to see it!

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