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Altapesi primary school water project update

January 23, 2010

La Chica met Olengunin, the chairman of Altapesi – a sub-village of Longido – in Arusha today and together they went shopping!  Sadly for La Chica the shopping wasn’t to buy new clothes or shoes, but to purchase one inch plastic water pipes and connectors.  With the money sent to her by HSD in Melbourne, she bought 9 reels of pipes and 8 connectors, and had them sent by truck for the 2 hour journey to Longido.  Kapasi, the lovely Indian owner of the pipe shop, gave her a substantial discount on the pipes, and threw in the connectors for free, once she had explained that it was a community project.   La Chica spent a few hours in the shop, waiting for the truck transport to be organised, and in that time Kapasi told La Chica about his life and culture.  His great grandfather lived in Zanzibar, until they were kicked out of their homes by an incoming government and escaped to the mainland by boat with nothing but the clothes they were wearing.  Kapasi is muslim, and can have up to four wives.  They only marry within their family – they typically marry first cousins, and he said their genes are excellent!

Olengunin’s Masai friend, also from Longido, organised the truck transport, and offered to take La Chica on as his second wife.  La Chica tried to explain that she didn’t fancy being second to anyone – it was the first and only wife or nothing – but he insisted it wasn’t a problem and that his first wife would be delighted.  La Chica is thinking she’ll wait for 30 odd years for Sakio to grow up….

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