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First day back at school

January 14, 2010

Namnyak and Olengunin’s boma, usually full of children, has become a shadow of its former self as the some of the children have been returning to boarding schools around the region.  To prepare for their return to school Namnyak purchased a goat’s head and boiled it for hours, then roasted it for an entire morning, much to the horror of La Chica who smelt something funny and unfortunately checked out what smelt so bad!  The goat’s head soup was combined with the wood of Mt Longido’s trees to provide a ‘strength medicine’ so the school children will be strong for their first day back at school.  La Chica had a sip…but refused to try some of the meat from the head, though she watched as Namnyak’s son Bahati tore the flesh from the jaw bone with all the goat’s teeth still intact.  Namnyak also prepared maandazi (the holeless donuts) for breakfast, and all the children heading away from Longido had baths and their hair oiled.  Bahati returned to his boarding school in Arusha, but is returning to Longido on Friday night to spend the weekend with his family.  His cousin Penet returned with him to the same school. Olengunin’s sister Pauline returned to a Masai girls school near Moshi, and won’t be back in Longido until mid year holidays in June. The other children are attending primary and secondary schools in Longido village.

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