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A mud hut or an iron hut?!

January 14, 2010

La Chica’s mud hut is progressing.  Her builders Oleborlala and Leyo have completed the framework for the circular wall, and have now commenced the roof.  A centre post was inserted in the middle of the hut on which all the roof sticks will be attached by nails.  Oleborlala has so far used six kgs of iron nails, and has another five kgs of nails to use for the roof, together with two reams of wire for holding the sticks together.  It’s not quite the traditional Masai hut now that it’s full of iron, but La Chica is hoping it will withstand the elements for an extended period of time.

Engang Nabor (in Masai ‘white house’)has received admiring glances and curious comments from neighbouring Masai, who wonder at La Chica’s need to have a door frame higher than four feet, rooms bigger than the size of a bed and windows larger than a few inches.  La Chica has decided on posh windows for her hut – three layers comprising glass, wooden lattice work for security, and fly wire to keep out the mosquitoes and other African creepy crawlies.  Her front door will be a double door (not planned, but the doorway is very wide!), and she is currently trying to work out how she can have her much anticipated skylights incorporated into a woven grass roof without introducing leaks during torrential downpours…

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