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Mama Africa

January 8, 2010

Mama Africa is in town!  La Chica accompanied her friend Ebo to see the circus in Arusha!  No animals, just amazing African acrobats, trained in China.  La Chica gasped when one of the men managed to balance on eight chairs.  She gasped again when six young men bounced on the trampoline onto a pole (OUCH!) and back again.  She closed her eyes when the contortionist showed off his double jointedness by folding himself up into a small glass box.  She was mesmerized by the magic tricks and tried unsuccessfully to witness how on earth they were done. She held her breath when one young man on a tight rope managed to climb onto a unicycle and pedal to the end of the rope.  And she laughed and laughed when the clowns did their thing.

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