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Lukumahi update

January 8, 2010

Tomorrow La Chica is going back to Longido accompanied by Simon, the civil engineer from the Italian NGO OIKOS.  They are meeting at the Arusha bus station at 7.30am to take a tuk tuk directly to Longido. Simon has been warned that it is a three hour hike straight up Mt Longido to reach the Lukumahi spring water source, and La Chica has been trying to convince herself that she’ll enjoy the strenuous hike up the narrow and steep path, but we think the memory of the previous visit is still fresh in her mind and in her muscles.  Simon has promised to provide a cost estimate of the project, using his six years of water project experience.  La Chica is praying that there’s no rain tomorrow, as being the style icon that she is, she doesn’t fancy sliding down Mt Longido in muddy water and getting her clothes dirty.  La Chica plans to stay on in Longido for several more days to oversee the building of her mud hut.  Oleborlala has already used 5kg of nails so some progress must have been made in her absence.  Stay tuned for an update!

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