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December 4, 2009

La Chica has been camping in the Kondoa region of Tanzania, trekking up steep paths to view 30,000 year old shamanic rock paintings and admiring spectacular views of the African bush. Accompanied by five men, La Chica enjoyed the day walks, the nights sitting around the campfire under the full moon, and taking a break from her Testigo Africa project, which has been all consuming for months now.

La Chica also learnt some new expressions: ‘dancing without music’ is being bounced around on a rough dirt road; ‘Masai 4WDs’ refer to donkeys; stopping the 4WD to ‘check the tyres’ means a toilet stop; and ‘akunamatata’ means no worries – an essential attitude to have when living in Africa where things don’t always go to plan.

One of La Chica’s companions Noah attracted nine local school boys when he started practicing his baseball hits using a stick and stones. They shyly emerged from the bush and watched him, eventually joining in. Word got out, and the following day 17 boys turned up at the campsite for another round of baseball!

Five hours on the return journey, dancing without music all the way, has put La Chica’s back out and she’s very slowly walking around Arusha hoping her vertebrae fall back into place. To ensure she doesn’t return to ‘all work no play’, La Chica is hoping that some man about town will come to her rescue, as she eagerly looks out for a prospective El Chico in her meanderings.

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  1. Melanie permalink

    Love it! xxx

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