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Daylight Robbery

November 26, 2009

La Chica was attacked today in broad daylight as she was walking across the fields opposite her house, taking the scenic smog free route into town. As she walked past two adolescent boys she felt a tugging on her bag. She turned to find one of the boys trying to slash the shoulder strap with his foot long knife. La Chica yelled at him to go away – fortunately he took a few steps back. While La Chica checked to see he hadn’t taken her wallet or mobile phone, the second boy stepped forward and tried to put his hand in her bag. This time La Chica yelled in his face, and for a moment there was a Mexican standoff: La Chica with her hands on her hips, the boy with the knife indecisive about what to do next, and the boy that had tried to put his hand in her bag wondering whether to give it another go. Fortunately for La Chica a few local men working in the fields came running to her rescue, brandishing their knives. The two boys ran away, and La Chica continued on her way, deciding in future to wear a money belt and to think twice before taking the scenic route. Fortunately it happened on her way TO the bank, not from the bank, which had been her destination. One of her rescuers came up and said he was very sorry about what happened. On her way back home a young primary school aged boy walked with her all the way home, protecting her and keeping her company. La Chica’s bag is a little worse for wear, bearing battle wounds, but still functional (the slash proof strap having proven its worth).

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