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Making New Friends

November 18, 2009

La Chica has been making new friends in Arusha. After all, La Chica is a girl about town and cannot be seen walking alone. She has charmed her way into the international set through contacts in the ICC, as they are still running the Rwanda war crimes tribunals in Arusha. And she was seen drinking masala tea with a Dutch woman who owns a safari company. La Chica, always a fashion icon, has purchased her first kanga, and can now wander around her house in style with her turquoise batik wrap. La Chica’s day generally starts at 5.30am, when she gets up to utilise the internet at it’s best connectivity. Needless to say as a consequence her nightlife is non-existant!

La Chica shares her house with Brad (an Australian man running the Earth Assistance Foundation) and Bruno, a French man with a cat called Simba. There are usually other guests visiting for varying periods of time. La Chica was delighted when Simba delivered a gift to her bedroom of a small snake, still alive. Fortunately Simba is a French cat so she didn’t understand that La Chica’s exclamation was not one of gratitude.

La Chica knows that women do things better, so she’s setting up a SACCOS with the Masai women of Longido. A SACCOS is a locally registered organisation for women, which gives them access to microfinance at substantially reduced rates, and to funding specifically designed to assist women’s initiatives.

Tomorrow La Chica returns to Longido with the District Water Representative and two Engineers to visit the Lukumahi water source featured in her four minute feature film (you can watch this on youtube ‘Testigo Africa’ or on her website

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  1. Good luck at Longido tomorrow and great news about SACCOS, women definitely do it better!

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