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First visit back to Longido

November 15, 2009

La Chica donned her safari suit and returned to Longido to meet her Masai mates. Her friend Namnyak came out to greet her, and after the traditional Masai greeting of bowed head on either side she gave La Chica a big hug! Longido village has changed in the 3 1/2 years since her previous visit. Despite having no electricity, the village now has internet connection and also a small post office. New houses have been built and it’s now set up for tourists to visit. However it’s not all good news. La Chica accompanied Olengunin around the area to witness the many carcasses of donkeys, cows and goats – all dead from the drought. One Masai man has lost 450 of his 500 cattle. Lengunin’s family had 90 cows, and now only have 17, having lost the others to the drought. The water project that La Chica is leading is more important than ever. La Chica met with the village leaders and updated them on her progress and commitment to seeing it through. Although La Chica normally puts on a brave face, we think she might be a little nervous of the responsibility of providing water to 12,000 Masai people.

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